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-Navi Mumbai expanding southwards

-Landmass between Pen-Uran- Panvel seeing increased development and investments

-New Mumbai International Airport and major rail junction planned in Uran-Panvel

-Chirle at Uran is proposed terminating site for sea bridge from Mumbai

-Arrow city manhattan will be 20 mins from Mumbai via the sea bridge

-Reliance SEZ lies East of Uran and West of Pen Highway

-Mumbai suburban rail network to be extended to Pen

-Major builders have bought SW of Panvel

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Pen will track Navi Mumbai (30 kms)
 -Today: Uran : Rs 20k per yard
 -Expected price in Pen = Rs 20k per yd in 10 years time  (assuming  city expands @ 1.5km per year = 26% compounded growth p.a.)
 -Reliance SEZ will give additional trigger

Proposed Harbor Link can peg prices to Mumbai
 -Mumbai @7 lakhs per sq. yard. Expected price @ Pen Rs 40k per yard in 7 years = 45% compounded growth pa)

Existing demand from:
 -Ispat factory employees (15 kms away)- have pre-booked 500 plots.
 -Naval staff base at nearby Uran

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 MMR: Area growth & Price evolution
 Some thoughts about MMR

Thane, as the first land point connection the islands of Mumbai grew fast from 1950s to 1970s. The development spread southwards. Today Thane has a population of more than 15 lakhs with 74,000 millionaires.

Vashi & Navi Mumbai – The real spurt happened once the Vashi creek was connected by bridge to the Mumbai islands. Today Navi Mumbai has a population of 17 lakhs and fast growing. Thought provoking point is that what took Thane more than 20 years to grown to, it took less than 10 years for Vashi & Navi mumbai. One main reason could be it’s closeness to the Greater Mumbai due to the sea bridge

MMR (Maha Mumbai Region) – Drawing analogy, from the above, the new Sea Link will bring this region even closer to Greater Mumbai than Vashi. The Reliance SEZ, new Panvel Airport and the southward spread of Navi Mumbai will be additional drivers. The completion time lines are: 
-Panvel Airport – 2012
-Sea-Link - 2012
-Reliance SEZ – Approvals being sought. Expected start by early 2009

In less than five years, the MMR area will see a huge development thrust and might come at par with Vashi & Navi Mumbai, where the property rates are more than Rs 50,000 per square yard.
A similar growth was witnessed in the DLF NCR (Gurgaon) where the land was sold at Rs 300 per square yard in 1980s and it exploded to Rs 15,000 (50 times) by 1994 (In fourteen years). Key drivers in this case too were connectivity to Delhi (NH8 built around 1988) and the subsequent spread of economic activity to this area.

Going by the current economic pace of development, the same rise in MMR should take half this time. A reference point is Manesar in NCR, where the rates grew from Rs 4,000 to Rs 15,000 in less than four years. (2002 to 2006)

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